LPGasJobs has provided an outstanding product/service, for the propane industry. I have known Jim for many years and I have seen and heard, first-hand, that they perform an excellent service. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a company that provides such services.  Jim definitely knows the industry and has a phenomenal track record!

Brian Kanaba - Publisher
LP Gas Magazine

Appreciate the quick response and great service. Very happy with this process – we have found a great candidate.

Paul Dileo
Dileo Gas - Worcester, MA

Thanks for all your help in getting us to this point. Great candidates!!! I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Erin Walls - Senior HR Business Partner
Superior Plus Propane

Once again, Thank You very much for all your help. It is truly great to see the propane industry that has someone like you helping us marketers out.

Jason Wehunt - Operations Manager
Shasta Gas Propane  Anderson, CA.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  We have successfully filled all of our jobs for now!

Rachel Fyock - HR Generalist
Tri Gas & Oil Co. Federalsburg, MD

We’ve had great interviews. LP Gas Jobs has been a good source of quality candidates.

Randall R. Doyle
Holtzman Propane

I thought the candidates you sent were all exceptional for United Cooperative.

Dan Harmsen - Human Resources Director
United Cooperative Beaver Dam, WI

I just wanted to give kudos to Jim Stein with LP Gas Jobs. I've partnered with Jim for the past few years to assist us to target qualified folks in the propane industry.

Kimberly Johnston - Recruiter
Ferrellgas Liberty, MO

Thank you for all of your help!!! You have sent over some very good candidates and we appreciate it.

Sharon L. Ryba - Talent Management Specialist – Eastern Region
AmeriGas Propane

Jim is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry and works hard to give the greatest value possible to the client. He maintains an impressive list of contacts through the industry and always represents the highest levels of integrity as well as a personable attitude towards everyone. He is able to find top-notch candidates for your position and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire someone in the Industry.

James Watson, Region Manager
Thompson Gas

We found our man, thanks to you. This worked out great! We appreciate all your help! We'll be back.

Jim Renaldo, Director of Sales & Marketing
North Collins Cylinder Gas Company, Inc.

Jim Stein – LPGasJobs is the "connection guy"! He leads qualified LP personnel to Companies and provides career opportunities to those who are 'in transition'. Thank you, Jim!

Brian Reynolds, Sales Manager -Eastern Region

Thank you very much for passing this candidate along. I am moving him through the hiring process. Awesome job, thank you!

Geoffrey Jaynes Operations Manager
Ferrellgas/Blue Rhino

Thank you for all of your help, especially with this district. You have sent over some very good candidates and we appreciate it. Thanks again,

Sharon L. Ryba, Talent Management Specialist – Eastern Region
AmeriGas Propane

I keep hearing about how our companies work so well together. Your service is a very good resource! Let me know whenever I can be of assistance. Thanks for your work with us!

Paul Grady
AmeriGas/Heritage Propane

Your services certainly made this process a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. I've been very satisfied. Thanks for all your support.

Jeff Johnson, Regional Operations Manager
Gas Equipment Company, Inc.

Thank you for making this process so much easier. You supplied a good line of candidates. You are a true professional!

Sharon Fuller, Human Resources
Sharp Propane

I have had great applicants from your site and would recommend anybody looking to use this site. Thanks again!!

Henry M. Roma, Service Manager
Superior Plus Energy Services

Just wanted to keep you in the loop and THANK YOU for finding such a great candidate for us!!! We made him an offer and he accepted!!!

Becky Alderfer, Market Manager
AmeriGas Propane

I am personally excited about the completion of this task as it takes a load from my shoulders. We appreciate all your help and follow-up. Thanks again.

Dick March, Director of Sales
American Welding & Tank

You have done a superb job in helping us. We sure do appreciate all you do for us.

Deborah Ranson, Employee Relations HR Manager
AmeriGas Propane Co.

The sales people we hired with your help are working out very well. Thank you for your exceptional service.

James H. Gunnink, Vice President and Regional Manager
Heritage Propane

Once again your service has lead the way to a one of a kind find. I have hired this guy. He is perfect. Thank you for the support.

Bert Turn, District Manager
Northern Energy

I still owe you lunch for the new hire you sent me. He has turned out to be one of the top serviceman I've employed over the last 23 years.

John Weigel, Region Manager
Pacific Energy Group

I hired a person for the sales job in Portland and also hired a person for the Denver area as well. Thanks for your help.

Wayne Morgan
Meeder/Ransome Mfg

Thank you for your efforts in providing many good candidates for the position. Should I need to fill an important position, I will be sure to give you a call.

Kirk Chaney, Regional Operations Manager
Blue Star Gas

We have found the right person. Thanks for all your help.

John Holland, Region VP
AmeriGas/Heritage Propane

I appreciate the excellent service you provided me. I hired 2 bulk delivery drivers, both from your service. When I am in need of additional staffing I will not hesitate to give you a call.

Robert Neil Hartman, District Manager

I want to thank you for the help on filling our Senior LP Gas Service Technicia. I am now a BIG believer in your service!

Joe Silva, Sr., President/GM
EnviroPro Energy Company, LLC

I could not be happier with the quality of the prospects you have sent thus far.

Joe Green
Greens Blue Flame Gas - Houston, TX

We have been very pleased with the results we have gotten with your service for our Branch Manager position.

Joe Ewart, Vice President
Florida Propane Exchange, Inc. & Miami Propane Gas

Just to let you know that we have found our new CSR. Thank you so much for your help. The response was tremendous.

Tony C. Rodriguez, District Manager
Heritage Propane dba, Northern Energy

I just wanted to let you know that we have decided on a salesman. He was a candidate that went through your service. Again, thanks for all your assistance in filling this position.

Trebby Catron, District Manager
Heritage Propane dba, ProPane, Inc.

I wanted to let you know that we filled the sales position at Kissimmee-St Cloud Gas. Thanks for all your help!

Jim Gustafson, Branch Manager
Inergy dba, Kissimmee St. Cloud Gas

We have filled the service tech position with one of your candidates. Thank you very much for your help.

Bill Hutchins, General Manager
Jenkins Gas / Liberty Propane

Thank you for all your help. We have hired a driver from your service.

Mike Sexton, District Manager
Kamps Propane

I wanted to let you know that I have filled the manager position. The candidate came through your service and I want to thank you for your help during this search process. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Scott Manley, Vice President & Regional Manager
Heritage Propane

Your services proved to be very fast and effective. Our position has been filled and your services were invaluable. Thanks for your outstanding service and continued friendship.

John P. Davoust, District Manager
Mutual Liquid Gas & Equipment

I have made an offer and it has been accepted for the GM position. Thanks for your help in securing this excellent candidate for our Phoenix GM operation.

James R. Davis, Western Region President
Inergy Propane Co.

We have filled the positions. I had a great amount of responses from your web site. Thanks for helping me with this.

Kevin Craft, Sales and Service Manager

We have filled the Manager position and the Service Tech position. Thanks for all the great leads.

Dawn Tuttle, Market 1212 Coordinator - Oregon

We have made an offer from one of your referrals. Thanks for your help!

Rick Clark, General Manager
Rocky Mountain Propane

Thanks so much for all your efforts. I appreciate all you help and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Janai Gooch, District Manager
AmeriGas Fredericksburg

We hired a Service Tech in Naples. Thanks so much for all of your help. He has a great deal of propane service experience and will make a good fit with the Naples team.

Sharon Jacobs, District Manager
Balgas - Naples, FL

I have filled the position with someone who replied from your service. Thank you for all your help on this.

Tommy T.C. "Tommy" Stikeleather, Regional Vice President
Metro Lift Propane

I am in the processes of hiring a 2nd applicant and I think he will also turn out to be a good pick. Thanks for your assistance and support.

Dan Knelleken
GM Sound Oil Co.

I filled the manager job with a great applicant. He was just what we were looking for . Thanks for all your help.

Ward Campbell
Haigood & Campbell - Archer City, TX

I hired one of each and I had several candidates. Thanks for your help.

Steve Flood, District Manager
Heritage Propane dba, Paradee Gas Company

I am blown away by all your help. Not sure what else to say except thank you.

Michael Wease

We have filled the position and really appreciated your assistance. Thanks.

Mike Gilbert, Midwest Region Manager
AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange

I want to let you know that we have found someone for the position. Thank you so much for all your help.

David Hack, CSC Manager
Suburban Propane

Mr Stein, an offer has been accepted. He is an excellent candidate. We appreciate all your time & effort.

Wendy Bodio, HR / Recruitment Specialist
Plains Midstream LP Canada

Thank you for all your help and for the great leads!

Jim Piver, Market Coordinator
AmeriGas Market 205

Just so you know. I had MUCH better luck with your service than with any of the others I tried. I will most definitely be telling all the other managers about your service. Thanks so much.

Rose Wilkinson, District Manager
AmeriGas Propane - Vermont

Just a quick note of thanks for helping fill so many positions for us in Region 10. You continue to provide us with high quality candidates for open positions we have.

Philip Jones, Region 10 Operations Manager
Suburban Propane

The position has been filled and the new salesman is doing great! Thanks for all the responses and I know where to turn for experienced professionals in our field. Look forward to talking to you soon.

Ruben Villavisencio, District Manager
Pedley Propane - Riverside, CA

Great news!!! We have filled both positions. Thank you for all of your help.

Dana Mayo
JS West Propane

I just wanted to say thank you because Diversified CPC in Anaheim CA hired me and I'm almost going on three months with them. Thanks again for your help. Take Care. God Bless.

Oliver David

Perfect once again. Thanks so much for making my job much easier!

Tammy Goodreau, District Manager - Kulpsville PA
AmeriGas Propane Co.

I really appreciated your help and the leads you sent my way. I have passed on your website as well as how helpful you were through the whole process. I really think you have a good thing and it will just continue to grow, thanks.

Josh Seaman, Director of Sales-West Division


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